ADHD Symptoms – progress since medication (100-day recap)

Reading about ADHD has been a months-long “aha!” moment. So many of my traits line up exactly with the disorder as currently understood in women.

Even the symptoms that haven’t been relieved by medication are easier to deal with now I have some idea of where they’re coming from.

So here’s a little list of the main symptoms (I’m sure I’ll remember more and add to it) and the progress I am making/not making.

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Day 86 – Insomnia aftermath

I am so tired. I didn’t sleep much last night. It took me a long time to drift off, my brain flooded with insidious paranoia and self-pity.

Why is the Self so unbearable in the small hours of the morning? I tell myself that I will see everything differently in the light of day, but all of the jealous, resentful, anxious notions feel so real at 2am.

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